While each team is different, a typical Bulldog team trains two to three times per week during the season at Marino Park in Oyster Bay, which consists of two brand-new turfed fields appropriate for 46/60 and 51/75 play as well as a batting cage and restrooms. Other local fields are used as needed. Off-season workouts are held at Cove Sports in Glen Cove, a 10,000 square foot facility with a turfed field, batting cages and Hit Trax. A second Glen Cove turfed location with cages, Hit Trax and Rapsodo technology is currently being built out.

Many of our players also choose to participate in various clinics held off-season and in-season including Arm Academy for pitchers, Catchers Metrx, Hit Club as well as speed and agility camps held at Cove Sports and elsewhere.